DeRegt Cable Solutions is airborne

DeRegt Cable Solutions take to the skies: introducing tether cables for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Balloons.


The use of high-performance Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs or drones) and balloons for natural disaster monitoring, aerial surveillance, telecommunications, traffic monitoring and air quality monitoring is only set to increase. This requires tailor-made aerostat tether cable solutions that ensure optimal security and maximum performance under any given circumstance.


DeRegt aerostat cables and terminations: lighter and stronger

DeRegt tether cables and terminations combine light weight with narrow diameters, high breaking strength and a long lifetime. As with all cable products, DeRegt offers round-the-clock access to specialists and engineering assistance in termination repair, testing and inspection around the globe.


Next step in aerostat cable engineering

DeRegt provides its clients with a complete aerostat package, including tether cables, terminations and a wide range of optical and electrical components. This integrated approach is the next step in the Dutch cable manufacturer’s global cable solution strategy.


Custom-built aerostat tether cables

As a versatile cable supplier for markets such as naval defence, seismic surveying and renewable energy, DeRegt takes cable solutions to a higher level, offering custom-built air tethering cables and strenghtened terminations for aerostat tethers.


In-house aerostat cable development, testing and production

DeRegt boasts over 90 years of experience and expertise in technological innovation and cable design in many sectors. All facilities are based at the DeRegt cable factory, ensuring short lines of communication and optimal service.